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If you have a question about our programs, want to learn more or simply want to pass on a note of gratitude, please use the form below.  We typically respond the same day. 

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    Common Qs And As:

    Q. Are you available to speak at my event?

    Depending on where your event is held and current COVID restrictions, yes, I would be pleased to speak at your event.

    Please send me the dates and location of your event, and your contact information so we can explore this opportunity.

    Q. Will you promote my products?

    That depends greatly upon what your products are and how they can help my clients and students. 

    Send me all the details using the form above and we’ll see where that leads.

    Q. When does your Successful Author Program reopen?

    We currently run the Successful Author Program twice per year, in February and June.  The best way to learn about our next re-opening is to get on our mailing list.

    Q. When does your Unlimited Coaching Program reopen?

    Our Unlimited 1-on-1 Laser Coaching Program typically has new spaces available every 8 weeks or so. If the program is currently closed to new enrollment, the best way to learn about our next re-opening is to join our waiting list